Riga Paintball

Make a reservation for paintball in Riga for your special occasion, whether it is a birthday, Riga Stag Do party, corporate team building or just for the pure fun of playing paintball. Riga Paintball Park is located just 20 minutes drive from Riga city centre.

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Price from: 30 € /PP

Price Includes:

  • Hotel pick-up/drop-off
  • Transportation
  • Safety instructions
  • 2 or 3 hours of game
  • Semi-automatic paintball weapon
  • Combat camouflage suit, goggles
  • 100 paintballs


  • 3.5 - 4.5 hours, including transfers

What will happen?

Once arrived at the Riga Paintball Park, the players get a briefing on the safety and rules of the game. After instructions, each of you gets camouflage overalls, gloves, goggles, a helmet and a semi-automatic paintball marker. The group then is divided into two teams and taken into the fields under the supervision of a referee. You can easily see which your teammates are and which are the opponents as everyone is wearing either red or blue elements. An average round takes about 10 - 15 minutes, between rounds, players are allowed a short time to rest, replenish paintballs or clean off paint from opponent hits. In total on average within a game day (3 hours) passes about 10 Riga paintball fights, and 7 paintball games if you play for 2 hours. The script and fighting object for each match is given by the instructor accompanying the group. The starter package includes 100 paintballs. More ammunition you can purchase on the day. To save money you can purchase a box of 2000 paintballs and share it among the group. If you want to shoot much more than the rest, you can purchase extra 500 or 1000 paintballs just for yourself.

About paintball in Latvia

There are more than 30 paintball parks in Latvia, including 12 paintball parks and paintball centres in Riga. The very first Paintball Park opened in 1997. Although in the last few years activities like air-soft and laser tag are making competition, some paintball parks can still get very busy on weekends. Feeling stronger competition, the paintball parks have also worked hard to improve their service and to become better and better with each year. Now it is hardly possible to find Paintball Park, which does not offer a place to make a BBQ and relax with your friends after the game. Some have gone further by providing Sauna or Meeting rooms (with projectors, speakers and LCD TV). Some even offer accommodation for those who want to stay there for a night.

Paintball Riga game scenarios

  • Team vs. Team
  • Players in this Riga paintball scenario divide into 2 groups and start the game from opposite sides of the field. Wins the team which first has destroyed all players of the other team.

  • Top Gun
  • Each participant plays an individual, and the winner is the one who stays alive as the last person.

  • Capture the flag
  • Players get divided into 2 teams. Each team has a base on their side of the field where the flag stands. The main goal for each team is to capture and bring to the base the opponent's flag. If a person who carries the flag is hit, he has to put a flag on the ground and leave the battlefield.

  • Soccer
  • 2 teams start the game from the opposite side of the field. In the centre of the area stands the flag. A team that carries the flag until the base of the opponent's base wins the game.

What to wear?

Although every Riga paintball park provides its clients with overalls, safety goggles, gloves and a mask, it is necessary to wear (or bring with you) comfortable shoes. Your shoes can get dirty during the paintball. It is essential to keep that in mind for those booking paintball as part of their business trip or cooperative team-building event. Even if it is a hot summer day, flip flops or slippers are not the right choices. You will be running during the game, so do not wear too many clothes underneath the overall. You will be sweating and won't enjoy playing paintball as much as you would otherwise. Of course, sweatpants would be the ideal option, but a pair of jeans is good too.

Approximately how many paintballs are needed?

It depends on each visitor to Riga Paintball Park. Some use more "sniper tactics" and shoot when they know that the target will be hit, while some others like to use "Rambo tactics" by shooting without any stops. Apart from those two types of players, the average participant shoots from 200 to 400 paintballs within 3 hours.

Which paintball park in Riga to choose?

We are working with two paintball centres. One paintball park is located 20 km from Riga and has 11 different fields. The other paintball centre has paintball parks in Riga at three different locations – 6km, 9km and 12km from Riga Old Town.

1. Sampeteris Paintball Park

Sampeteris Paintball Park has located just 6 km from Riga Old Town, at the former building and territory of Zasulauks tapestry factory (1884) and spinning and weaving factory (1898). Apart from traditional paintball with paintballs, the Sampeteris Paintball Park also provides paintball with rubber balls, laser tag and airsoft.

Advantages of Sampeteris Paintball Riga:

  • Location
  • Historical building from the 19th century
  • Free coffee, tea and water
  • Large outside area
  • 1200 m2 indoor area*
  • A heated resting area with tables and chairs
  • Chance to bring your food and beverages

*For Riga paintball with paintballs there are available only outdoor game fields. Paintball with rubber balls can be played only indoors. Laser tag and Airsoft can be played in both fields – indoors and outdoors.

2. Mezaparks Paintball Park

This paintball park is located in a forest area, on the outskirts of Riga, in a former Soviet Union military base. It has five fields with different infrastructures and interesting scenarios of the Paintball Riga game. This paintball park has a beautiful pine tree forest with small hills, ravines and ditches.

The former building of the customs

The main task in this paintball field is to overtake the former building of customs. At the beginning of the game, one team is inside the building and their task is to protect it. The other team starts a game in the territory outside the building and their main task is to break into a house and overtake it within 7 minutes. The team which achieves its mission is the winner.

Railway platform

The authentic former railway platform together with garages is very interesting because it is located at several levels. It has partially opened Soviet army facilities in the middle of a field. The Railway platform field is perfect for the following scenarios:

  • Destroying the enemies
  • Capture the flag
  • Bomb disposal
  • Taking control over strategical points


This field is located above and around the historical bunker. All battle takes part on top of the hill, where you and the enemy can easily hide behind natural and manmade covers. The Bastion field is interesting with the fact that you can use the hillside to crawl to the enemy’s base from behind.

The Hill

In the middle of this Riga paintball park, there is a hill with a massive flagpole. The Hill field is excellent for larger groups due to its size. This is a perfect field not only for paintball but also for laser tag games. Here you can play game scenarios such as destroying the enemies and capture the flag.

Picnic areas at Mezaparks Paintball Park

If Sampeteris Paintball Park has a heated indoor area where you can rest after the game, then Mezaparks Paintball Riga Park is all about the outdoors. There are multiple canopies with tables and chairs where you can rest between the games and after. You can have a small BBQ party as the park offers grills, charcoals and flammable liquid. Please let us know if you will need a canopy with tables and chairs (with or without a BBQ set), so we can reserve it for you to be 100% sure that it won`t be occupied by some other group.

3. Paintball park in Salaspils

The paintball park of Salapsils has a total territory of 11 ha and can offer 11 different type of fields, some of which are – Kansas city, Omaha beach, Drop zone, Vietnamese village, Forbidden zone – object Nr. 13, Forest Bastion, The ranch. After the paintball game, you can relax with a beer, make a BBQ, or go to the sauna (2 hours of sauna costs 100 Euro/per group and booking must be made in advance).

No matter which paintball in Riga you choose, please let us know if you plan to stay longer at Paintball Park as we need to organize the transport.

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