Posted: 14/02/2018

How to choose the best hotel in Riga for your needs

You are planning a trip to Riga, but do not know where to stay? We can offer you a range of options, ranging from simple hostels and apartments to upscale hotels, you just must decide which option suits you the best. Place where to stay need to be chosen very carefully, because it`s an important part of the trip and it should be exactly what you are imagined, it is very important to relax during the trip. The offer of apartments and hotels in Riga is really wide, so we will briefly outline the main guideline on offers to help you make a right choice.

hotels in riga best price

The prices for hotels and apartments in Riga varies from EUR 9 to EUR 400 per night. The price is determined by various factors, but mostly by the location of the accommodation and the offer (maybe the price includes a visit to the spa). Of course, the price is also determined by the number of stars of the hotel where you want to stay, it is understood that a five-star hotel will be much more expensive than a three-star hotel.

Depending on the services provided by the hotel, they are divided by assigning stars. The stars of the hotels are awarded according to their location (proximity of the center, proximity of sights, but it is a resort and entertainment proximity to resort hotels), service level (meals, lodging or not in numbers, driving or not to the airport, etc.) and leveling facilities.

The criteria by which stars around the world are made are alike similar, but requirements vary from country to country. In different countries hotels with the same number of stars can seem to differ from each other. This is because there is no single international standard. In addition, if in European countries hotel stars are assigned a special commission that verifies the eligibility of accommodation for certain qualification criteria, then in some African and Asian countries, hotel owners themselves determine the quality of their hotels by paying certain fees.

How many stars to choose?

Sometimes hotel star ratings can be really confusing, so we will try to explain what those stars means and what you can expect. At each section we will also mention the best hotels in Riga that match these stars.

Five (5*) stars hotels in Riga

The five-star hotel's standard requirement is exclusive furnishings and uniform design. Also, from the ground floor, where guests are welcome, the elevator must be reachable on all floors. The hotel has several conference rooms. All rooms are equipped with a toilet, washbasin, bathtub, shower and bidet. At least 2% of hotel rooms are suites. The rooms have air conditioning, minimum single bed size is 100 x 200 cm, the minimum double bed size is 150 x 200 cm. Rooms have a minibar with a price list, each hotel room connected to national general communications system. It has an Internet connection. What is important, in this hotel, bed linen is changed daily. Five-star hotel has a breakfast room or cafeteria for breakfast and light snacks, a separate bar, several restaurants, one with dancing music, a private dining room for guests, a banquet hall. Lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant after the restaurant menu. The hotel has a nightclub, dance hall or a discotheque if there are more than 100 rooms. In this case, the hotel also has a hairdresser or cosmetic room. The hotel also has an indoor pool and/or a professional gym or a wellness center with a wardrobe and showers and/or a sauna and a lounge. If you are looking for best Hotels in city center or coziest Hotels in old town, this is what you need.

Top 5: Five-star hotels in Riga:

Four (4*) stars hotels in Riga

The four-star hotel's furnishings are in the same style. All floors (except for one) can be reached by lift from the reception desk. The hotel has several conference rooms with technical equipment and catering facilities. All rooms have a toilet, a wash basin, a bathtub and a shower cabin. The minimum single bed size is 100 x 200 cm, the minimum double bed size is 140 x 200 cm. Each hotel room is connected to the public communications system, there is also internet access, a minibar with a price list, a breakfast room or a cafeteria for breakfast and light snacks. The hotel also has its own bar, restaurant, banquet hall. A breakfast menu is made up of a buffet menu or a menu after a meal. Lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant. The hotel also has a dance hall, a disco or a nightclub (if there are more than 100 rooms, as well as resort hotels). If there are more than 100 rooms, there is a hairdressing salon.

Top 5: Four (4*) stars hotels in Riga. We must say – the price you are going to pay is all about a value

wellton hotel riga

Three (3*) stars hotels in Riga

In the three-star hotel all floors (except for two) can be reached through the elevator from the reception floor. All the rooms are with a toilet, a washbasin and a shower. Each hotel room is connected to the national public communications system. There is also a breakfast room or cafeteria for breakfast and light snacks, a restaurant, a buffet or breakfast without warm dishes, while lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant. We must say, these are pretty nice and affordable hotels.

Top 5: Three (3*) stars hotels in Riga.

Two and single star hotels in Riga

For single-star hotels, the minimum single bed size is 90 x 190 cm, and the minimum double bed size is 140 x 190 cm. In this hotel, for every 10 rooms without washing rooms and toilets, there is at least one washroom and at least one toilet. Cleaning and change of linen should be done every 7-8 days, towel - after 3-4 days. Also, this room serves breakfast in the breakfast lounge, while breakfast is free of hot dishes.

Two-star hotels in at least 40% have a toilet, wash and shower. Other requirements are similar, but the change of laundry should occur no less than six days later.

Looking for a hostel in Riga?

In Riga Hotel reviews you can read, that Liberty Hotel is one of the most popular hostels in Riga. It`s a really good deal, low prices, very good location (located in the heart of Riga). If you are looking for hotel for Riga stag do – it`s the best choice. Adventures guaranteed!

Apartment rent in Riga

If you are travelling with a bigger company, for example, with family and children, or you are going to celebrate a bachelor party, then we recommend you look at the offers of apartments – it could be much more suitable for you. For example, you can take your own self-contained fully serviced apartment. If you are flexible traveler, then you can choose economic room, where you will be able to enjoy the privacy of room, whilst sharing kitchen and bathroom facilities with other travelers.

Our co-partner is Riga Apartment - excellent offer for a good price. It is one of the largest short-term apartment renters in Riga, whose services are usually chosed by families or friend companies.

riga kempinski hotel

All the above is just a quick glimpse of the possibilities, we hope this will help you choose your accommodation. In case you want to find out more about these places or clarify the hotel prices or check out best Riga Spa hotels , we recommend you to visit websites such as,,,, or others. All you need is to make clear decision what are you looking for - the cheapest hotels in Riga or five-star hotels with SPA. Good luck!