Riga Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is a challenging and fun activity, located in a forest, just a 35-minute drive from the city centre of Riga. Enjoy the classic clay pigeon shooting experience and see how your results improve with every shot. Challenge your friends and find out who is the most precise shooting.

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Price from: 55 € /PP

Price Includes:

  • Hotel pick up/drop off
  • Transportation
  • Professional instructor
  • Safety instructions
  • Hearing protection
  • Rent of guns and 25 rounds/pp


  • 2 - 2.5 hours, including transfers

What will happen?

You will be picked up from your hotel and taken to the clay pigeon shooting range on the outskirts of Riga. Once you arrive at the grounds, you will be met by a qualified instructor who will go over the procedures and safety instructions. Each person will get 25 rounds (extra clays and ammunition can be purchased on-site). The clays are released from traps in a variety of locations to simulate specific prey, for instance, `the bird` which flies over you, the one which flies away, or from left to right. An additional unique Riga clay pigeon shooting experience is the `rabbit` shooting – the clay is released from the trap the way it hits the ground and continues the movement in a rolling and bouncing way which very much reminds a rabbit. The instructor is all the time with you, telling from which trap the clay will be released and what you should focus on.

If you won`t hit the target, the instructor explains where was the mistake and what shall you do to improve your next shot. Experience the thrill of hitting a moving target as each shot is made progressively more demanding as your confidence increases.

Competition at the clay pigeon shooting centre

Only one person shoots at a time, so you all get a chance to see how other of your friends deal with the challenge of hitting the clay pigeon or clay rabbit. The first 10 shots done by each person is a practice. The last 15 shots is a competition between the group. We write down each person`s name and count how many successful shots each of you has made. Before the `Riga Clay Pigeon shooting` competition starts you can set up the goal or prize for the winner or a person who turns out to be the worse shooter in your group. The competition brings a lot of laughter as there is always someone in a group who gets very good results as well as the one who can`t see or hit almost anything and after each missed shot turns to the group with a very surprised face.

Clay pigeon shooting is very popular among Riga Stag Do party groups since it is fun, challenging, shows the results (easy to determine a winner), located very close to Riga (does not take a long time travelling in a van) and is outdoors in the fresh air. The clay pigeon shooting in Riga is also popular as a team building activity and often gets combined with the visit of outdoor go karting, located just 500 meters away.

If you book clay pigeon shooting in winter or on a rainy day, there is a cafeteria with large windows, located just 10 meters behind the shooting line, so you can easily wait your turn while drinking a soft drink or coffee and watch the results of your friends.

When you finish clay pigeon shooting, we will take you back to the hotel or old town of Riga.

About Riga clay pigeon shooting centre

Riga clay pigeon shooting centre is open all year round and has 4 shooting areas. The clay pigeon shooting areas are equipped with six Compak Sporting traps, including Rabbit, Midi-90 mm and Battue Mini-60 mm. Two machines that project the targets (known as `traps`) are located at the tower in the range from 10 meters to 22 meters above the level of clay plates shooting fields. One of the fields has special spotlights, allowing to practice in clay pigeon shooting also when it gets dark. This is especially important from November until February when it gets darker early.

Riga clay plates shooting and go karting

Just 500 meters from the clay pigeon centre the largest outdoor go-karting track is located. To make a day filled with thrill and adrenaline, you can combine clay pigeon shooting with outdoor go karting. The go karting track is one of few places outside of Riga where you can try winter ice go karting on a frozen lake. The same lake in summer has an inflatable obstacle course and rents SUP boards. There are two beach volleyball fields and multiple picnic areas in the territory of the outdoor go kart centre.

The forest near Riga clay pigeon shooting is also a place where 4x4 off road jeeps start the jeep off road tour, so it can be arranged the way that after clay pigeon shooting and go karting experience you get picked up by jeeps. Once you finish the Riga 4x4 off road drive you get dropped off at your hotel by the same jeep.

Please let us know if you prefer the combination of Riga clay pigeon shooting, outdoor go karting and/or a 4x4 off road jeep tour, so we can make reservations and plan a perfect day for you and your group.

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