Posted: 09/11/2019

Husky sledding tour in outskirts of Riga

When it comes to winter, you can choose a lot of activities nearby Riga, but the best of them is Husky dog sledding. Everyone who took this activity with huskies, admit that it`s worth to try!

mushing riga husky sledding winter snow activities

Husky dog sledding in Riga, Latvia

There are lots of great winter activities in Latvia, but one of the most popular adventures is Husky dog sledding nearby Riga. This activity is also popular for corporate clients because this is a great chance to learn how to lead your team.

So, if you want to try something new - why not to try Husky dog sledding in Riga? This is your big chance to be a part of history, and maybe you will also be able to experience the special bond between a musher and his pack.

These beautiful and strong animals are well trained, understanding commands and directions. Also, you will be fully supervised at all times by the professional trainers - you will learn the commands, meet the husky dogs and see how all the equipment works. We promise that when you decide to go with snow dogs and try your hand as a musher, you will get to know wilderness of Latvia nature and feel like a real musher. You have to let a pack of Huskies pull you through a beautiful Latvian pine forest!!

Dog sledding is a unique outdoor adventure in the countryside of Latvia. This fantastic experience allows you to escape the city, breathe the fresh air and interact with dogs that are simply adorable.

mushing riga husky sledding winter snow activities

“Red Fox Tours” offers experience the Husky Dog Sledding in outskirts of Riga!

We will take you about 25 km away from Riga, to the countryside area of Latvia where you will do a 5 km long "Race Dog" sledding ride through the fields and lovely pine tree forests. It's about 25-minute drive from Riga, a total duration of activity is 2 - 3 hours, including transfers. "Red Fox Tour" offers Husky Dog Sledding for groups up to 8 people. Previous experience is unnecessary, as there will be an experienced instructor who will tell everything.

What exactly can you expect? How's that going?

You will be picked up from your hotel and driven to the outskirts of Riga. Once we arrive, you will be introduced to the dogs and get all the necessary safety and sledding instructions and training before you hit the trail.

Usually, two people are driving at the same time – one as a musher and one as a passenger. After 2.5 km we will make a stop, and you will have a chance to explore the monuments at former Salaspils Concentration camp. Also it's a good chance when passengers can change with places, then both of them can enjoy the activity for 100 %. After this fantastic activity, you can warm up with a flask of tea, take some photos in the beautiful Latvian countryside and chat with Husky dog owner, who once was Baltic champion. Still, now he works with huskies at the level of a hobby, he can not get rid of it anymore; this is his lifestyle now. Also, you will have a chance to see the farm where the dogs live; it's quite amazing.

But you have to remember that weather conditions make this activity quite unpredictable. So Dog Sledding Tour season in Riga dependent on the weather - generally the best months are from December to March. In times when there is no snow, there is an option to ride in the dog carts, which is also an exciting activity to enjoy during your visit to Latvia.

This activity should not be missed if there is snow in Riga! This won't be just a dog sledding ride. It will be an opportunity to see the nature of Latvia, get to know more about the dogs and history of dog sledding.

How to choose a snow dog?

The original sled dogs were chosen for size, strength and stamina. Most sled dogs weigh about 25 kilograms (from 16 to 32 kg). They can run up to 45 km/h. Because of this, sled dogs have very tough, webbed feet with closely spaced toes. Webbed feet act as snowshoes. Most sled dogs have a double coat, with the outer coat keeping snow away from the body, and a waterproof inner coat for insulation. In warm weather, dogs may overheat.

Snow dogs have a very efficient gait, and mushers look for a well-balanced dog team that matches all dogs for approximately the same size and pace so that the entire dog team moves similarly. Since dogs are pack animals, it is essential to pick a lead dog which is accepted by the other dogs as the pack leader. The point dogs are the two dogs behind the leader, the pair of swing dogs come third. The wheel dogs are harnessed to the sledge and are immediately ahead of their Musher - human master.

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History of dog sledding

Dogs have always been an essential part of society - thick fur and padded paws made dogs well-designed to survive and thrive in the cold and snow. The oldest archaeological evidence of dog sledding as transportation has gone back to around 1,000 A.D. Dog sledding was invented by the native and Inuit people in the northern parts of modern Canada, and then it spread throughout the continent. First, dog-sled teams were much smaller than they are today - between two to six dogs per sled. Dog teams delivered mail to rural communities in Alaska and northern Canada. They were also used during the Alaskan gold rush.

There has likely always been a casual sports aspect to dog sledding, but the first formal race occurred in 1850. Sled dogs also have been used in Canada, Lapland, Greenland, Siberia, Chukotka, Norway, Finland, and Alaska.

However, with the advent of technology and modernization, the sled dogs were no longer required for such purposes and instead were increasingly used for sledge racing. It is how the sled dog era took off in a big way.

mushing riga husky sledding winter snow activities