Posted: 24/11/2019

Riga Stag Do Party Ideas!

Are you looking for some awesome ideas for a stag party in Riga? You are in the right place then. We know, that sometimes it`s hard to find the best stag do ideas abroad, so we will offer you some suggestions on how to make your Riga Stag weekend. We hope this will help you like a Stag Party`s Guide to Riga.

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Riga is #1 stag party destination in Europe

If you wonder where the best place to have your stag party is, we are suggesting you Riga. Already several years ago Riga becomes a significant destination for stag parties, that happened when in 2006 FHM Magazine (UK edition) nominated Riga as the #1 stag party destination in Europe. After this publication, the number of stag parties visiting Riga has increased dramatically. You have to plan stay weekend in Riga, and the party can go on!

Locals also love parties and nightlife, so most of the weekends in Riga starts on Wednesday and continues until Monday morning. So, you can be sure – there will be a party! There are plenty of advantages to having your stag do in Riga – amazing Old Town, beautiful Latvian girls, also Riga nightlife prices are quite acceptable, and that`s good for your stag group budget.

Some words about safety when you are planning Riga Stag Do

From time to time in the press or social networks, you can read that the stag party's events ended with a fight or a different, not the right way. As a result of reading such stories, some people are worried about coming to Riga. It is essential to understand that it does not only happen in Riga, it occurs entirely everywhere, and it depends not only on the local temperament but also on your behavior. Understandably, you want to have a crazy weekend and relax for all 100%, but it is essential to follow a couple of rules to have a safe and enjoyable trip.

• The main rule is "if you wouldn't do it at home, don't do it in Riga".
• Don't go in the wrong type of strip clubs. You can get in touch with us for more info or go through Riga Nightlife reviews on TripAdvisor.
• Local guys can get very jealous, so, before you hit on the girl, make sure she's free. At first, you have to understand, you can look, but you can't touch.
• We know, that you are pleasant and respectful people, but there is a chance, that before you, in Riga have been other, less polite and courteous quests so that you will be judged according to the locals' experiences with them. All you can do is to prove that you are friendly people and you just come to party like everyone else.
• And the main rule - use your common sense, and everything will be just fine because Riga is not more dangerous than any other city in Europe, but this doesn't make it any safer either.

How much costs beverages in Riga?

Of course, it depends on what you want to drink, and the place where you go during the Riga Stag Party. Almost every party starts with some shots, so in Riga, it could be about 2 EUR to 2.50 EUR for apple pie Shot – 5.00 EUR for B-52 Shot. Also in some places, you can get 1 meter of shots, price form 10 EUR to 25 EUR – this is a good idea for party starters. You can book the Riga Pub Crawl tour to explore some fantastic pubs and bars of Riga.
If you are into beers, Riga is the right place for you. You won`t be disappointed about the types of beers in the bars and pubs of Riga. You will find anything from the world-famous Irish, Belgian, Czech beer to smaller and larger breweries of Latvia, including some great bars with a wide selection of craft beer and IPA type beers. Book a Riga Craft Beer tour to explore a Beer District. Prices start from 3 EUR.
About cocktails – simple screw (vodka with juice or whiskey with coke) is about 5 EUR, Cuba Libre approx. 6 EUR, but Long Island Iced Tea could cost from 7 to 10 EUR, depends on bar/nightclub.

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How to organize an unforgettable stag party in Riga?

First and the most crucial question is who will organize the stag party. Mostly the answer is simple — The Best man. There’s loads and loads to think about: who to invite, how much to spend, where to go, what activities to do, what outfit you can force the stag to wear and of course – to book or not to book a stripper. If your best mate has just asked you to be his best man, don`t worry, we will help you to organize the best stag do in Latvia!

Three things you need to know at first: the numbers of mates, the dates and the budget, numbers are essential this time. Get these things, and we will help you with all the rest!

Who to invite?

So the first task is to decide who to invite to the stag party, and then you can plan best Riga Stag do ideas and book some Riga Stag hotel. There are many questions to be answered, one of them - how many guys to invite? One thing is the best mates, but also you have to think about coworkers, relatives and father of the bride and groom.

The main thing you should understand is the fact that the party is for those who are closest to the groom and which will make the party crazy and memorable. The groom needs to enjoy this night from the heart; there is no place for people who will make the stag feel bad. Stag have to feel free and ready to do whatever! If you are coming with a bigger group, you might consider a Party Bus transfer from and to the airport. All options you can find here - Transfers.

We suggest you make some group chat on Facebook, WhatsApp or some other social network. It will make communication with each other much more accessible. A group chat can also be handy and fun while you are in Riga.

How much to spend planning Stag do in Riga?

It`s essential to find a price to suit all budgets if even one person of your stag crew can’t afford it, it`s probably too expensive.

An important rule is that all mates pay on time, so you have to be firm in this matter. You need to set a limit for flights, activities and accommodation. Please pay attention to the fact that some parts of the planned weekend will have to be paid several months in advance, so you have to plan it on time because someone has to book flights, accommodation and some activities.

When you get those numbers sorted you can start planning your Riga stag do weekend. It will be easier if you go through some Riga stag do packages or activities to get some ideas of what you would like to be part of your Stag Do.

What activities or games will make you stag party better?

Some stag groups want just to get out and go crazy, but others think that activities are an essential part of a stag party. You and your crew have to decide what you want to do that day/night. But if there are people in your team who don’t know each other, activities can break the ice, that`s quite important for a good party. About every event, you have to think if stag will love it and how many guys you have in the group. Because if there are a lot of guys and you are going go-karting with four karts, you will spend a lot of time standing around, and someone will get totally bored or just drunk.

Also, good ice breakers are some games (penalties); these games encourage guys who don’t know each other to make an effort and have more fun. You can play some dare games, forfeits, pranks, missions, eating competitions and of course lots of drinking games because they involve the public. Maybe you can give your stag a small hand-made Latvian vocabulary (with juicy and hard pronouncing words) and then provide him with a task – to buy a bear in Latvian or ask some beautiful girl to dance.

If you are planning more Riga Stag do activities, then we suggest you take some pub crawl tour, shooting gallery, indoor/outdoor karting, paintball, bobsleigh, quad biking, beer bike, zorb football and of course best strip clubs in Riga. Guys who took these Riga activities were delighted and recommended it to others, so you have to decide which one suits for your stag and your wallet.

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Stag Do Costumes

We can help you with some activities, but sorting out the costume theme is totally on you because only you know how far you can go with that.

The theme is essential for many reasons. First, if you don`t want to get lost from the group, then some colourful outfit can help. Imagine how you can get lost from 20 sweet piglets, seven serious dwarfs or ten good looking superheroes? It`s mission impossible. Second, a themed costume will create a shared sense of group - one for all, all for one! It`s vital because there are lots of decisions you`ll have to take lots of shots to drink and lots of girls to meet. And the most crucial point – good costume will get you loads of attention from ladies, you know that too. Costume ideas will make your weekend one to remember, so think about it seriously; it will pay off. You can go through Stag Do reviews 2019/2020 there are a lot of great ideas.

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Best Riga activities for your stag do party

We have to say there are plenty of advantages of having your stag do in Latvia. One of the top activities for stag parties in Riga is shooting range, where you can shoot with Glock-17 pistol, Magnum revolver or a Kalashnikov AK. Also, you can try Winchester Defender 1300, Franchi SPAS-15, Beretta M9, Sig Sauer P226, Makarov PM or TT-33. After shooting, you can take some pictures with guns in Soviet Union army uniforms. It is an excellent opportunity to shoot with real guns and real bullets when you will try that. You'll see that it's not so easy like it looks in movies or computer games.

If you and your crew want to check your hunter abilities, we offer you to try Clay pigeon shooting. The clays are released from traps in a variety of locations to simulate specific prey. A qualified instructor will tell you everything about procedures and safety instructions.

Have you ever wondered how feels to be a Formula1 driver? It is your chance to test it - Go Kart racing in Riga will give you that feeling. If you are ready for adrenaline, then you have to try speed and power of 9 HP or 13 HP engines. The circuit is 1.2 km long, from 8 to 10 meters in width.

Is your stag a motorsport enthusiast? We have a great activity – quad bike riding. We promise that you and your stags will learn the techniques to control these great machines so later you can put your gained handling skills into practice. These will be unforgettable emotions and memories!

Also, an excellent activity for stags is a Riga 4x4 off road driving. Those who have tried this are surprised that it's so cool. It will be a great day behind the wheel of a jeep, testing your driving skills. Friendly instructors, demonstrations of basic driving techniques and adrenaline guaranteed. Important - there should be no alcohol consumed either before or during the experience.

And of course, you have to plan your Riga Stag Do nightlife. So we offer you to take some pub crawl in Riga. During the pub crawl, you will visit the best pubs in Riga in one night. It is a perfect chance to get to know the nightlife of Riga on your first night in the city. To participate in the pub crawl, you must be over 18 years old.

We also offer a great way how to start your stag party in Riga with limo ride. If you want, you can invite some naughty girls, and then this will be even more exclusive. We can offer a wide variety of limos - Lincoln Town Car, Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes Benz S-class Limo Super Stretch, Lincoln Navigator Super Stretch Black - fitted with black leather seats, 5 TV sets, DVD, a superb bar, night club effects and a fantastic sound system.

But if you want to surprise your stag totally – you have to take Riga Stag Do Kidnap. That's something marvelous and unforgettable. We promise that you will love it!