Riga Outdoor Go Cart

If you admire Formula1, then you will also like Riga go cart racing. You will be able to feel the speed and power of either 9 HP or 13 HP engines. So be ready for adrenaline and fun!

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Price from: 40 € /PP

Price Includes:

  • Hotel pick-up/drop off
  • Transportation
  • Introduction and briefing
  • Helmets
  • 8, 16, 30 or 60 minutes of driving


  • 2 - 2.5 hours, including transfers

What will happen?

The go carting circuit in the east of Riga features 20 go-karts with neat 9 HP and 10 go-karts with 13 HP engines - tuned explicitly for outdoor go-kart racing. The 13 HP engines allow you to reach higher average speeds than in any other Latvian go cart track. This superb Riga outdoor go cart circuit offers high-speed straights followed by challenging, technical corners. The main track is 1340 m (0.83 mi) long, varying from 8 to 10 m (26 to 32 ft.) in width. Transfer to the track will take about 30 minutes. Before the ride, you will hear instructions on how to drive with a go-kart. Also, you will get a helmet and gloves. You will get 8 minutes of hands-on driving if you book 9 HP go-karts or 10 minutes drive if ride 13 HP go-kart. If that is not enough, you can do another ride of either 8 minutes or 10 minutes. After the race, you will get printouts to see who the fastest driver was.

The sports complex, just 25 km away from Riga city centre is a paradise for active sports lovers. It offers so many activities that it would not be enough with one full day to do everything. No matter summer or winter, you won`t regret choosing this place as a base for a fun day outside of Riga.

Please note that drivers may be breathalyzed on arrival at the circuit. If you fail to pass, you will be unable to drive, and you lose your deposit.

Riga Outdoor Go cart track

It is the most modern go cart track (actually, two go cart tracks) in the Baltic countries. In total, the park has 50 go karts for adults and children. Riga outdoor go karting is an excellent activity for everyone – couples, stag do groups, and cooperative events. You can book anything from 8 min single race to 1 hour Grand Prix or 8 hours Le Mans-style night race. You can also choose between different go-karts. The powerful RT10 Sport has 13HP and reaches speeds up to 85 km/h (we can offer 10 such go-karts in total). RT10 go-karts are a little bit less powerful (9HP) but still can go fast, reaching a speed up to 75 km/h (we can offer 20 such go-karts in total). For families with kids, we can also provide 5HP go-karts with a maximum speed of 45 km/h. These go-karts are suitable for children 7 to 11 of age with a height of 135cm-145m. In total, we can offer 7 such go-karts.

For those looking for something fun and extraordinary, we can provide a two-seat go-kart that has two steering wheels and one pair of pedals. Before the ride, you can choose who will be in charge of the accelerator and brakes. Then you decide who`s in charge of steering. The other steering wheel will be switched off. You choose between two options – either you have a crazy ride to `impress` your passenger or you both work as a team to do the drive as smooth and fast as you both can. The two-seat go-kart has 13HP, and the maximum speed is 85 km/h. If there is a person who has a birthday or if there is a stag, you can arrange a surprise. Take a two-seat go-kart where the driver is a professional pilot who will make sure that your friend will have enough adrenaline for the rest of the day. Please do inform us in advance if you like to book a two-seat go-kart with a professional pilot.

OK, but what about winter? Is the track closed for winter? The answer is NO! Once we get enough snow, we offer winter go-kart rides on a track. If ice is thick enough, the ice track (made on a frozen lake) is ready to accept those looking for something unique. On both tracks are used the same 9HP go-karts. If ice is not thick enough, go-karts are equipped with winter tires good for snow track. Once the ice is thick enough, winter tires are changed to ones with spikes that are perfect to slide/drift in curves of ice go-kart track smoothly.

What else to do at the Riga outdoor go carting track?

The go cart track has multiple activities to offer, besides go carting. It has an inflatable water park, 4x4 Off-Road Park, Café, two rectangular sand courts for beach volleyball, SUP boards, and a campsite with 5 lodges for up to 6 people each. Please let us know in advance if you want to visit the inflatable water park or do any other activities, including having lunch at the café, so we can include extra time for the transport.

Inflatable Water Park

Make a splash at the biggest inflatable water park in Baltics. It can be great fun for you and your friends. Please let us know in advance if you want to visit the inflatable water park. The whole track is more than 200 meters long and has 68 obstacles, trampolines, a bounce zone, slides and air mountains. You can challenge your friends who will be the fastest to finish the track. The regular session is 50 minutes long after which you can rest with some fresh cocktail in the café, next to a water park.

You can also find a white sand beach and two beach volleyball courts and there is a chance to rent SUP boards (with or without wetsuits).

The Riga outdoor go cart centre provides multiple picnic areas with tables, benches and mangal grills for your bbq event.

Café of Riga outdoor go cart centre

The café offers soups, salads, burgers, pancakes and desserts. If you are visiting an outdoor go carting centre with your friends, you can pre-order lunch (a soup, main dish with salads and drink) to be sure that everything will be prepared once you arrive or right after you have finished activities, so you do not need to wait. Let us know if you prefer this option and we will send you the menu of the café. If you are visiting go kart track on working days from 12 o`clock until 3 pm, you can get a business lunch for a special price.

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