Riga Off Road

4x4 off-road adventure takes place in a forest, just half an hour's drive from Riga city centre. Get behind the wheel and experience some fun, exhilaration and sheer adventure of Riga 4x4 off-road driving. A challenging rough terrain course will test your driving skills as you tackle steep climbs, drops, and gullies. This thrilling experience gives you a lot of adrenaline and new skills and techniques for handling the vehicle in different, extreme situations.

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Price from: 75 € /PP

Price Includes:

  • Hotel pick up/drop off
  • Transportation by jeep
  • Safety and driving instructions
  • 2 hours of off-road drive


  • 3 - 3.5 hours, including transfers

What will happen?

Of all the things to do in Riga, the 4x4 off-road drive is one of the most exciting and is made for the real seekers of adrenaline. You will be picked up from your hotel by off-road jeeps. It looks spectacular if this activity is booked by a larger group of friends or as a part of a team-building event. You can imagine a view of 10 – 15 off-road vehicles parked in a row outside your hotel. They all look nice and clean. When your group returns to Riga to drop you off, it will draw everyone’s attention due to the large amount of mud and dirt, the jeeps will be covered with.

After a 30-40 minute drive from the city centre of Riga, you have exited Riga and drive into a forest. There you get the briefing, introduction to the vehicles and demonstration of basic driving techniques. In each vehicle, there is an instructor who sits in the front passenger’s seat and up to 4 tourists. The best is if you choose your teammates already when you get picked up from your hotel by the time you get into the jeeps. If you haven`t decided then during the briefing is the last option to choose with whom you will be sharing the 4x4 vehicle.

Riga off road drive

The total off-road driving time in the forest area is 2 hours. It gets shared by your group. The more people are in a jeep, the less driving time each gets. For instance, if it is just you and the instructor, you get to drive the full 2 hours. If there are 2 of you and the instructor, you and your friend, each get 1 hour or if you are with your partner who does not want to drive, then you drive 2 hours. If driving time is shared by 3 people, each drives 40 minutes. It is completely up to you how many times you swap and how you divide the total driving time – if you are 3 people, two can drive 30 minutes each and the third can drive 1 hour if you all agree. You can also decide to swap every 15 minutes if you like.

If you are one person, you pay 300 EUR and get to drive the full 2 hours off-road. If two people, each pays 150 EUR. Three people in a jeep mean each will pay 100 EUR. Four people will result in an average 30 min drive for each which will cost 75 EUR per person.

Riga off-road driving experience is a real 4x4 adventure session. It provides a great introduction to the world of 4x4 off-road driving, with the bonus of seeing some beautiful countryside which would be very difficult without the aid of a 4x4.

During the tour, you not only get a lot of adrenaline but also learn some good tips from the professional instructor on how better to handle the vehicle in extreme situations.

You will build up your confidence and improve the way you handle the vehicle.

This activity is great for those who visit Riga on a Stag Do as well as for team building of work colleagues. We can add such a skill test as `the blindfold drive` where a driver is blindfolded and have to overcome the obstacles only by hearing advice from his teammates. Another option is to drive the route by the `legend` where you have a map of the territory and have to drive to through multiple checkpoints.

This tour will be individual just for your group, to ensure you get the most from your day!

Requirements for Riga off road drive:

  • You must be physically fit and able to drive an unmodified manual car.
  • You must have a full, valid UK or European driving license and must be able to operate with a manual transmission.
  • Unfortunately, this adventure is not suitable for pregnant women and anyone with a bad back. Please inform us about any medical conditions or disabilities at the time of booking as this activity requires significant physical preparedness.
  • Please note: there should be no alcohol consumed either before or during the experience.

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