Posted: 10/02/2021

Winter activities in Riga by each month

You might be wondering when the best time to visit Riga is. Want to experience some unique winter activities in Riga but not sure which winter month shall you choose? We have made an article about things you can do in Riga and outside Riga in all three winter months and additionally, you will find out is it worth to visit Riga in March.

what to do in riga winter

Things to do in Latvia in December

The weather in Latvia like anywhere else is very unpredictable. There have been very cold and snowy winters in Latvia as well as mild and without snow. The same thing is for Riga. We have had a very white Christmas in Riga as well as grey Christmas without any snow and the temperature of +5 degrees. If we look throughout Decembers 2016-2020, then there were some snowy days but overall the temperature in Latvia was above zero degrees.

For activities like Riga ice quad biking and ice go karting there has to be a few days in a row with a strong cold, so from four Decembers, it was only December of 2020 when the ice go karting track near Riga was open for a few days.

Husky Dog sledging is available in December but there is a very high chance that the husky rides are done with the cart on wheels instead of a sledge as there must be a lot of snow for the husky winter dog sledging track to be built. Even if there is snow in Riga it does not mean that automatically the rides will be with the sledge.

The Bobsleigh track is open in December and usually, December is a very good time for bobsleighing in Latvia as there are fewer competitions and training for athletes, which means that Bobsleigh track is more open to the public. If there is snow, the Riga bobsleigh activity can be combined with the winter quad biking in a snowy forest which is located just 15 min drive from Bobsleigh track towards Riga.

December is a holiday time and every year there are multiple Christmas markets in Riga where you can buy mulled wine, gingerbread as well as many handcraft souvenirs and listen to Christmas songs.

The highest chance for snow and colder weather is closer to the end of December. That is also the time when most of the ski resorts try to make at least artificial snow to make things going, so during the Christmas holidays, many people from Riga take a chance to do skiing and snowboarding. December is also a great time to watch the Dinamo Riga hockey games. There is a very limited chance for public ice skating in Riga or cross country skiing in Riga in December but Riga curling hall is open for those, looking for a curling game in Riga.

Red Fox Tours has made 2 itineraries for an unforgettable weekend getaway in Riga. One Riga weekend holiday itinerary is for couples and the other for the groups of friends.

Riga Weekend getaway for couples:

  • Friday evening – visiting Christmas market at Esplanade, Riga Nativity of Christ Orthodox Cathedral and Riga Skyline Bar for a great cocktail and a lovely view of city lights of Riga.
  • Saturday – Riga husky dog sledging in a combination with a time at Ogres Zilie Kalni Nature Park and a visit of Lielie Kangari walking trail.
  • Three hours at Riga Sauna and hot tub for perfect relaxation.
  • Dinner at `Restorans 3`, `Riviera`, `Biblioteka No. 1` or `Muusu` restaurant.
  • Sunday – visiting Christmas Market at the Dome square and exploring the stunning Riga Art Nouveau district.

Riga Weekend getaway for groups of friends:

  • Friday evening – a quick overview of Riga old town followed by a visit of Dinamo Riga home game. Drop off in the Old town to celebrate the victory of a home team while exploring best bars during a Riga Pub Crawl tour.
  • Saturday – Riga Bobsleigh activity. A stop at a local pizzeria to charge up your batteries. 2 x 8 min Riga ice go karting drive. Visiting more bars and clubs in the evening.
  • Sunday – Pick up for the Riga curling game. Visiting Christmas market near the Dome Cathedral before getting picked up for the Riga airport transfer.
what to do in riga winter

Things to do in Latvia in January

January is a great time to visit Latvia and Riga in particularly. Due to an Orthodox Christmas, the Christmas markets in Riga are open until around 10th January which gives you a great opportunity to have another Christmas feeling. January is also the time when Riga ice skating rinks are getting open as well as cross country skiing tracks. Of course, the ski resorts outside of Riga are also open for anyone keen to practice snowboarding and slalom skiing.

January is the time when winter stages of Latvian Championship in folkreiss take place in different tracks of Latvia as well as a local rally winter championship. Both are fun to watch, especially if the track is covered by snow. If you want to experience the feeling of a rally driver, you can book the Volvo 740 rallycross.

January is the most popular month for husky dog sledging as the dogs are full of energy and keen to explore the husky dog sledging trails.

January is also a great time for visiting some of National Parks of Latvia where you can do hiking. The two most popular are Gauja National Park and Kemeru National Park. Red Fox Tours offers multiple options of Kemeri National Park and also a visit of Cenu Mire.

End of January is perfect for Riga Sauna and hot tub as there is a chance the river on which the sauna is located, gets frozen. Riga Dinamo hockey team has still a regular season with multiple home games. January gives a much higher possibility for husky rides with sledges and middle/end of January shall be good for ice go karting and ice quad biking. If you are heading east of Riga for about 150 km there is a chance for a deeper blanket of snow which is thick enough for snowmobiling.

Riga Weekend getaway for couples:

  • Friday evening – Exploring the snowy street of Riga Old town and the city lights around the canal of Riga and Monument of Freedom.
  • Saturday – Sunrise tour of Kemeri National Park to experience the beauty of nature. Lunch in Jurmala beach resort. Visiting some of the ski resorts of Latvia in the afternoon and having a few drinks at some of Riga Old town bars.
  • Sunday – visiting medieval castles at Sigulda in a combination with bobsleigh activity.

Riga Weekend getaway for groups of friends:

  • Friday evening – a visit of Riga curling hall followed by a Riga pub crawl.
  • Saturday – Test your driving skills on a snowy track with Volvo 740 rally cars. Riga winter quad biking in the afternoon on a frozen lake just outside of Riga city.
  • Sunday – A transfer to Winter Rally stage or Latvian Winter Folkreiss track to compare the driving skills you showed on Saturday with the locals who participate in Latvian championship.
  • Drop off at the Riga International airport.
what to do in riga winter

Things to do in Latvia in February

February is our favourite of the winter month. One of the reasons for that is that all Riga winter activities are available. At least they should be. Of course, there can be exceptions and in case of warm winter some of the things might not be available but there will always be something to do in February in Riga. The regular season of Kontinental Hockey League in which also plays the Riga Dinamo hockey club closes at the end of February so even if Riga Dinamo does not get into a play-off, you still can visit the hockey game in Riga. Although the Bobsleigh tracks host a few competitions in February, there will be some weekends open for public, so Riga bobsleigh tours are available (get in touch with us to check the schedule). February is the most popular month for husky dog sledging. Usually, in February we get the coldest temperature of all winter. That is what you are looking for if you wish to experience the ice go karting in Riga or the quad biking on a frozen lake. Just dress warmly as even 8 minutes’ drive with ice go karting can be very challenging.

February is the time when we get most bookings for Kemeri National Park tours, including the sunrise tours. Imagine experiencing the sunrise from the watchtower of Great Kemeri Bog which is completely covered by a blanket of snow. Gauja National Park also offers some spectacular hiking opportunities.

February in Latvia is also a time when a lot of locals are keener visit sauna. Even better in a combination of a hot tub. That is another thing you might consider to add to your `holidays in Riga` plans.

Riga Weekend getaway for couples:

  • Friday evening – Visiting a Lido recreational complex in Riga for ice skating and Latvian cuisine.
  • Saturday – Snowmobiling outside of Riga in the morning and Riga ice go karting activity in the afternoon. Cross country skiing in Ogres Zilie Kalni Nature Park. Resting in Riga Sauna and hot tub while enjoying the stars and quietness.
  • Sunday – Visiting Cenu Mire walking trail in a morning, before heading to the airport.

Riga Weekend getaway for groups of friends:

what to do in riga winter

Things to do in Latvia in March

You might be wondering is March still good for winter activities in Riga. Well, of course, it all depends on weather and most likely you won`t be able to do as much as in January/February but some things are still possible.

Usually, the Sigulda Bobsleigh track finishes the winter bobsleigh rides on the 3rd week of March, you might have the last chance to experience bobsleigh ride just 50 min drive away from Riga. There is a higher chance that the husky rides turn back to carts on wheels instead of a sledge but there must be still snow in a forest, so visiting the Zilie Kalni Nature Park (where husky rides take place) will be a memorable experience. Riga ice go karting and the drive with quad bikes on the frozen lake might be possible at the beginning of March. Some of the ski resorts outside of Riga (in Central and Eastern Part of Latvia) still might be open. If Dinamo Riga ice hockey team gets in play-offs, there still be home games in March. The curling hall is open until May so this is a safe bet. Riga Sauna and hot tub are available all year round and even if the river is not frozen, it will be such an experience to dip into the water, the temperature of which is about +2/+3 degrees. If you are visiting Riga towards the end of March we suggest looking more for a spring/summer activities, such as Riga beer bike, Riga shooting range, Clay pigeon shooting, underground paintball in Riga city centre.

Riga Weekend getaway for couples:

Riga Weekend getaway for groups of friends:

*Please keep in mind that all the itineraries of `weekend in Riga` are possible only if the weather allows.
what to do in riga winter