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Price from: 35 € /PP

Price Includes:

  • Hotel pick up/drop off
  • Transportation
  • Laminated sheets of paper about Kemeri National Park
  • Binocular
  • Mosquito spray


  • 3 – 8 hours (depending on the type of a tour), including time for transfers

Kemeri National Park was established in 1997. With the territory of 38 165 ha is the third largest National Park in Latvia. The greatest national treasure in the Kemeri National Park is the diversity of wetlands there – swamps, shallow seashore lakes, bogs and animals which live in the National Park. This is one of the largest areas of sulphur water in Northern Europe and the only one in such vicinity to the Sea. The Park also has many nature trails and beautiful pine tree forests as well as the coastline of the Baltic Sea. Traditions related to the Kemeri health resort are an important element of Latvia`s cultural and historical heritage.

One of the main attractions of National Park is The Great Kemeri Bog - one of the largest high swamps in Latvia, with many swamp lakes and a lovely landscape. No matter which type of Kemeri tour you choose, the Great Kemeri Bog is included in each. Once at the bog, one can choose between 1.4 km and 3.4 km long nature trails. The small circle will lead you to the first picturesque lakes, while the big one offers to enjoy the landscape from above when climbing a sightseeing tower. Both footbridge trails are made of wooden planks thus providing you with an easy and safe acquaintance with this amazing world of mosses, bog pine-trees, pools, dark little lakes, and the smell of Marsh Tea. The boardwalk offers a great view during sunrise and sunset (can be booked at extra costs). As the Kemeri National park is located just 50 min drive from Riga it can be also visited by those with limited time. For those, with more time, we suggest to include a drive through a beach resort of Jurmala and Kemeri town or book Kemeri great hike tour which includes multiple trails within the Kemeri National Park`s territory.

Jurmala beach resort

Jurmala [pronounced Yurmala and means seaside or beach in Latvian] is the largest beach resort in the Baltic States and is located 20 km from Riga. More than 200 years Jurmala has been known for naturally therapeutic properties such as mineral springs and the mud from the peat bogs. In the 19th century, Jurmala started to change from fishermen villages to health-resort places and nowadays the city consists of small resorts which are located near the 33 km long white sand beach. During the tour, you will visit parts of Jurmala which do not get visited by tourists (Buļļuciems, Kauguri, Asari, Bulduri) and the main tourist attractions (Jomas street and Jūras street in Majori, Jurmala beach in Dzintari, Dzintari Forest Park with the watchtower).

Kemeri town

Kemeri town officially was founded in 1838, when the emperor Nicholas I of Russia gave this land for building the first bath-house with mineral water. Kemeri town is somehow so unique – it looks like time has stopped here. Houses, many of which date back to the 19th and early 20th century, Russian Orthodox Church (built in 1893) and walk through a lovely park will make you feel like you are travelling in time.

There is no place in Western Europe where Sulphur water can be found in such amounts as in Ķemeri and one of the sulphur springs is located right in the middle of Kemeri town. It is considered to be healthy to wash face with the water from this spring.

Other trails of Kemeri National Park

Below are other trails of Kemeri National Park, which are located close to the Kemeri town. If you are interested in any of these, please let us know as they can easily be included in the program.

The Black-alder Swamp trail and the Forest trail

Just next to a Forest House which is an administrative centre of Kemeri National Park, there are two trails we suggest you visit. They both are rather short (each trail is 600 meters / 0.37 miles long) and both of them are connected, making it a total of 1.1km (0.68 miles) long walking. To finish both trails it takes of not more than 25-30 minutes. The first trail is the Black-alder Swamp trail. It will introduce you to two types of natural forest – rich deciduous forest at the beginning of the trail and the floodplain forest along the rest of the trail. The trail consists of wooden boardwalk and is equipped with information boards along the route.

After completing the trail in Black-alder Swamp, the walk can be extended along the Forest trail. Comparing to the Black-alder trail, this one is covered by gravel and asphalt. Walk along the trail will introduce you to a rare, magnificent and rich deciduous forest and you will also have an opportunity to learn the names of different tree species.

Spring is probably the most beautiful time as that is when the surrounding forest is flooded by waters of Versupite River and the blooming Marsh Marigolds Caltha palustris are covering the flooded ground like a golden carpet. The trail is worth a visit also in other seasons.

Sloka Lake trail

The seashore lagoon-type lake formed upon the retreat of the Lithorine Sea. The average depth of the lake is just 60 cm, maximum – 1.5 m. The Sloka Lake is a vital rest area for migratory birds, including some rare species – white-tailed eagle, osprey and black stork. Therefore, Sloka Lake is a good place for birds watching, particularly during spring and autumn bird migration time. A 7 meters high floating birdwatching tower (the only such kind of tower in Latvia) is located on the lakeside allowing to view the whole lake. A natural hydrogen Sulphur mineral spring running into the lakeside is located near the view tower.

The Sloka Lake Nature trail (3.1 km long) allows you to explore a different type of forests and a small raised bog. It is also possible to take a walk to lake Melnezers, which will extend the route by 1.2 km. To do so, at the junction please follow the sign `Melnezers` and white-blue-white markings on trees.

Kanieris Reed trail and a Birdwatching tower

The seashore Lake Kanieris was once a lagoon of the Littorina Sea and it is one of the lakes in Latvia to have the largest population of birds. This is a comparatively large lake (3 km long and 1.3 km wide) but shallow (no more than 1.1 m deep) and overgrown. There are multiple protected birds` species nesting in the lake and that is an important place of rest for migratory birds.

Natural treasures of Lake Kanieris are of international importance – the lake has been designated as one of the 6 Ramsar Sites of Latvia, and also as Internationally Important Bird Area. Some of its almost 200 bird species can be enjoyed from the birdwatch tower Riekstu peninsula. It is worth to visit the Kanieris lake during spring and autumn bird migration time. Kanieris Reed trail (600 meters) is situated here too – built on pontoons, the boardwalk will take you right into the thicket of reeds.

Raganu swamp

Raganu swamp is one of the places in Kemeri National Park where there are Sulphur spring outlets, making a Sulphur pond. The length of the path is 0.8 km (each way) and it leads through a high moor, where you can get to know the peculiarities of the moor ecosystem and its characteristic flora. At the end of the trail, you'll see ponds with sulfur springs erupting from the bottom.

What will happen?

If you are looking to do a Kemeri tour from Riga, you can choose one of three options we have made or make your own by adding/removing any trail or a sight.

Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk and Kemeri town

  • 10:00 Pick up from your hotel (pick up time can be adjusted to your needs including Kemeri sunrise / sunset tours)
  • 11:00 Arriving at The Great Kemeri Bog where you can choose between 1.4 km and 3.4 km long boardwalk trails
  • 13:00 Leaving The Great Kemeri Bog for Riga
  • 14:00 Drop off at your hotel

If you are interested, the visit of Kemeri town can be included (the historical centre of Kemeri, sulphur spring and watchtower), adding extra 40 minutes.

Price from 30 EUR/pp (if at least 7 people in the group), including transportation, a visit of the Great Kemeri Bog and Kemeri town (optional); laminated sheets with maps and information.

Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk, Jurmala beach resort and Kemeri town

  • 10:00 Pick up from your hotel (pick up time can be adjusted to your needs including Kemeri sunrise / sunset tours)
  • 10:30 Drive through a Jurmala beach town (covering 30 km of the city), including photo stops and free time in the town
  • 12:00 Leaving Jurmala for Kemeri tow
  • 12:20 30 min free time at Kemeri town
  • 13:00 Lunch break (optional/own expense)
  • 14:00 Arriving at The Great Kemeri Bog where you can choose between 1.4 km and 3.4 km long boardwalk trails
  • 16:00 Leaving The Great Kemeri Bog for Riga
  • 17:00 Drop off at your hotel

Price from 40 EUR/pp (if at least 7 people in the group), including transportation; a guided driving tour of Jurmala, free time in Jurmala beach resort, Kemeri town and at the Great Kemeri Bog; laminated sheets with maps and information.

The great hike of Kemeri National Park

  • 10:00 Pick up from your hotel (pick up time can be adjusted to your needs including Kemeri sunrise / sunset tours)
  • 11:00 Arriving at the Great Kemeri Bog where you can choose between 1.4 km and 3.4 km long boardwalk trails
  • 13:15 Arriving at Black-alder trail and Forest trail
  • 14:00 Arriving at Sloka Lake trail
  • 15:45 Arriving at Raganu swamp
  • 16:30 Leaving Raganu swamp for Riga
  • 17:30 Drop off at your hotel

Price from 50 EUR/pp (if at least 7 people in the group), including transportation; a visit of the Great Kemeri Bog and 4 other walking trails; laminated sheets with maps and information.

There is a chance for bog shoeing or snowshoeing. Please let us know if you are interested in such options.

We keep the groups small (max 8 people in the group); If you are a group of more than 8 people, we can offer only the private tour. To reduce the price you can make a reservation and keep the tour open for other travellers to join, therefore reducing the price.

Please dress according to the weather and wear proper shoes for walking.

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