Indoor Paintball Park in Riga

Indoor Paintball in Riga is becoming more and more people as it can be played all year round, does not leave any stains on clothes, is painless and there are no additional costs for extra ammunition. Riga Indoor Paintball Centre is also a great activity if you are on your Riga Stag Do.

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Price from: 40 € /PP

Price Includes:

  • Hotel pick-up/drop-off
  • Transportation
  • Safety instructions
  • 2 hours of game
  • A mask, protective overall, chest protector and gloves
  • Paintball gun set with a gas balloon
  • Unlimited number of balls


  • 3 - 3.5 hours, including transfers

What will happen?

After arriving at the Indoor Paintball Riga centre, you will get all the essential equipment and the instructor will explain the rules of the game as well as how to operate the paintball gun and how to refill the ammunition.

Once you’re ready, the instructor will divide you into teams, and the game can begin! The instructor will keep you busy for all 2 hours.

Please note you’re allowed to bring your snacks and drinks to the venue! There will be a table available for your group where you can sit down for a drink while on a break or just after the game while cooling down. The table is available for up to 1 hour after the game time (please let us know if you plan to stay at the venue after the paintball game ends, to avoid situations where the driver has already signed up for some other transfer.

Advantages of indoor paintball center

  • Unlimited amount of balls - no additional fees for ammunition.
  • It is possible to book a game at any time of day or night (24/7).
  • Ammunition balls are not filled with colour, and they won’t explode, leaving you covered in colour.
  • A professional instructor will create many intense, fun and challenging game scenarios for you so you will be all the time busy and entertained.
  • More games – usually there are 5-10 games in other paintball parks, but here you’ll get to play 30-60 games in 2 hours as there is no need to clean the masks and the next game can start right away! You’ll get to play more meaning everyone will get a chance to hit the target!
  • It is possible to regulate gun shooting strength, so it doesn’t hurt when you get hit! Very useful for everyone who doesn’t want to get bruises.
  • You’re allowed to bring your food and drinks with you.

What to wear?

As this activity will be indoors, it is not dependent on the weather. You will get overalls to protect your clothing in case you need to sit down somewhere or lie down on the ground. But we strongly suggest wearing something comfortable so you can quickly move around and run. Please wear comfortable sports shoes as these will be almost 2 hours on foot.

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