Riga Husky Dog Sledding

Experience the Thrill of Dog Sledding in Nature Park, located 40 km from Riga Old town! To discover the nature of Latvia while driving your dog sled pulled by Huskies and Malamutes is a unique adventure. This tour allows you to experience nature in one of its purest forms when travelling.

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Price from: 60 € /PP

Price Includes:

  • Hotel pick up/drop off
  • Transportation
  • Safety and driving instructions
  • 3 km sledding


  • 2 - 3 hours, including transfers

What will happen?

You will be picked up from your hotel and driven to a Nature Park, located near the town of Ogre (45/50 min drive from Riga Old town). That is where you will meet to the adorable huskies and Alaskan malamutes. You will have time to cuddle, snuggle and play with them (and of course take a lot of beautiful photos) while we prepare the sled. After the sledding instructions, you will be ready to hit the trail. At a time there is only one sled with two people on it (one as a musher and one as a passenger). In the middle of the 3 km (1.85 mi) track, we will make a stop, and you can swap so both of you will have a chance to enjoy the feeling of controlling the sled. If you are more than two people in a group the rest of you will stay at the beginning of the track where you spend time with the other huskies or wait in a warm van (in case if it is too cold outside). For groups of 12 people or more, we have also found a solution by combining two husky dog providers so that everyone can enjoy the husky ride.

About the huskies/malamutes

All husky dogs are rescued from the shelter, very often after being mistakenly chosen as pets or left by people who are not able to handle the character of huskies/malamutes. These dogs need a lot of exercises and they are truly happy to earn their living while giving a memorable experience to people who are taking part in this dog sledding tour.

How many rides per day each dog does?

The well-being of dogs is essential to us, so we swap dogs after each ride to give them time to rest. During the ride, dogs can go as fast as they want and we do not push them to go further than 3km (the track is a loop type, so 1.5km one way and 1.5km return). The husky ride itself takes approx. fifteen minutes, depending on weather conditions and energy level/excitement of dogs. On some days the husky dog sledding tour is not possible to be done at all because dogs are getting two full days (or sometimes three full days) off each week and every day does not run more than 3 `tours`. It is not only for recovering physically but also mentally as during the week they meet many people and share a lot of emotions.

Weather conditions in Riga/Latvia

We can offer both husky dog rides with a sled in the case of snow and with a specially made cart on wheels in the case of no snow. Do not worry if it is freezing outside (sometimes we can get the temperature down to -20/-25 degrees Celsius in January/February in Latvia). Huskies and Malamutes are made for cold weather so the activity will still go on. The only problem that can occur is if the temperature is around zero degrees. At the beginning of winter, when we have not received any snow that is still fine. During the winter, melting snow can make mud or puddles of water which can re-freeze again during the night. It can be dangerous for both people and dogs, so we cancel the ride, and in that case, you get a full refund.

There is a view tower located nearby the track, so after the rides, you can have a chance to go there for a lovely view of the forests.

As this is an outdoor activity, please dress warm and take gloves, a winter hat and scarf with you.

Extended Riga husky dog sledding day

You can extend sledding tour in Latvia by adding some other activities, for instance, booking a Sauna and a hot tub; visiting the former concentration camp of Salaspils or explore nature at the Kangari hiking trail.

Riga Husky dog sledding and Sauna/Hot tub

Start your day by visiting Nature Park `Ogres Zilie Kalni `where you have a husky dog sledding and free time to visit the view tower of the park. Once you have played, cuddled and took photos of each Riga husky dog, you are heading to Riga where a hot sauna and hot tub is waiting for you. In winter there will be a hole cut in the ice, so you can dip into cold water any time you want. If you like, you can have a small party with your friends at the sauna by making a BBQ and having a few beers.

Husky dog sledding and a visit of the former concentration camp of WWII

Although both day activities sound completely different, the location of the former concentration camp of Salaspils gives us a chance to easily combine them, so at the end of the day, you have seen more sights and learn more about the history of Latvia. There are concreate sculptures from the Soviet times when the memorial park was created in the same place where once the concentration camp stood. You will also have a chance to explore the museum part of the sight, giving a chance to look at video materials as well as letters, drawings and other artefacts regard the holocaust. You can either visit Salaspils concentration camp before husky dog sledding or after.

Riga husky dog sledding and Lielie Kangari walking trail

Those who love nature might be interested in adding a visit to Lielie Kangari walking trail to make a perfect day outside of Riga. The trail is almost 2 kilometres long and would take approx. 1 hour from the moment you leave the car until you return. There is also a 33 meters high view tower which gives a perfect view over the territory of National Park. The visit of Lielie Kangari walking trail can be done either before doing dog sledding or after. Please let us know at the time of reservation so we can book the exact time for your husky dog sledding.

Facilities at the husky dog sledding place

Please note that dog sledding takes places in a forest and not near the husky dog farm. Once arriving at the place, where dog sledding starts, there won`t be any shops, cafeterias, buildings where you can walk inside to get warm. As for the WC, there is a dry toilet without water options. That is why we suggest preparing for a Riga husky dog sledding by taking some extra layers of clothes, some snacks or sandwiches. The driver can make a short stop at the petrol station once we enter the city of Ogre (a few minutes before husky dog sledding) and you can buy some snacks, hot drinks and use a restroom. On cold days there will be a thermos with hot water so you can get a tea on a spot and if you feel cold, you can wait and warm in a car, while waiting your turn for husky dog sledding.

What can I do while waiting my turn for a husky dog sledding?

Please note that only two people (one sled) goes at a time for husky dog sledding. While two people are on a track, you can spend time with the rest of the husky dogs which are on site. You can cuddle and take a picture with each dog. Another option is to walk to the view tower which is 5 min walking distance. You can climb up to the tower to take beautiful photos of the surroundings. In total that shall take 20-25 minutes.

About sledding tours in Latvia

There are multiple places where you can do sledding tour in Latvia. Nature Park `Ogres Zilie Kalni` being one of the closest options to Riga, meaning you won`t spend too much time travelling. Husky dog sledding is completely depending on the weather. The winters in the western part of Latvia usually are warmer and with less snow, therefore if you are looking for a sledding tour in Latvia, look for a destination eastbound of Riga, the region of Vidzeme being the most popular for husky dog sledding.

FAQ: Riga Husky Sledding

  • Is it right for huskies to pull the sled?
    Although some people are worried that pulling the sled can hurt the dogs, it`s quite the opposite as the dogs need daily exercise and they are made for running. The owners of dogs are checking how each dog feels and leave at home those who are tired. Additionally 1 or 2 days per week the dog sledding is not available at all as that is when all dogs are staying at home.
  • How long can a husky run?

    Siberian huskies are born to run. A well trained Siberian husky can run as much as 200 km per day. For the average Siberian husky, a distance of 15-30 km per day shall not be a problem. The track that we use for husky runs is 3 km long, and after each ride, we change the dogs, giving them time to rest. Each dog does not do more than 4-5 runs per day.
  • At what speed does a husky run?

    The top speed huskies can do 45 km/h if they are trained for a sprinting. The average husky can reach a speed of 25-30 km/h.
  • Can the husky dog sledding be done if the temperature is above zero degrees?

    Yes, you can do a husky dog sledding, if the temperature is above zero degrees. We start the runs in October when the temperature is around +10/+15 degrees.
  • What do I need to wear on the day?

    On a day you must wear a winter hat, a scarf, gloves and winter boots. We do not advise boots with high heels. Choose clothes in which you feel comfortable.

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