Riga Graffiti & Stencil Art Workshop

Graffiti and stencil art workshop was open only recently. Born as an idea of a group of active people that does not allow Riga’s art world rest with no innovations! People will always be attracted to forbidden things. It is like a forbidden fruit that you’re not supposed to eat. If someone tells you it is not allowed, soon you find yourself desiring this forbidden thing! So here they have created a place where everyone can legally enjoy this feeling of biting in this forbidden fruit!

  • Riga Graffiti Stencil Art Workshop
  • Riga team building
  • riga activities
  • illegal riga
  • incentive riga

Price from: 45 € /PP

Price Includes:

  • Hotel pick up/drop off
  • Transportation
  • Introduction and briefing
  • Protection equipment - glows, respirators, overalls
  • PVC banner / canvas / car Fiat 126
  • Spray paint and spray caps to help you draw in different techniques
  • Artists assistance at the workshop


  • 2 – 2.5 hours, including time for transfers

Graffiti art is well known everywhere. It’s dating back to ancient times when people were scribbling something on the walls possibly to leave a message for future generations. Nowadays it can be very different – some graffiti can be a stunning piece of art. Still, some can be a little scribble meaningful only for the artist himself. In Riga, you can find many beautiful graffiti, but most of them are spread out between different areas. The thing is – it is illegal! So artists are mainly working in places where no CCTV are, and fewer lights would give them away.

But luckily there is one place where graffiti painting is made legal, and you can enjoy it without fearing police coming over and arresting you! It’s Riga graffiti workshop where you can find your inner artist and let it out for the rest of the world to see it!

What will happen?

We will divide you into smaller groups, and each group will have their own PVC banner/canvas or Fiat 126 car to draw on. Throughout all the time, a professional artist will assist you. This activity will start with an informative and exciting introduction in graffiti and stencil art history and fun facts of graffiti art/hooliganism! After that, you’ll begin to draw sketches, cut stencils and create one stunning piece of art!

The idea for each group is to draw their own element, so in the end, all of these elements create one big piece of art or a car design!

Want the whole experience?

Create your own design for Fiat 126 and then go on the Riga city race (check it out here) with it! It is a unique experience that allows you to paint on a real car and then explore the city with it. It will create special memories and fantastic photos for you and your friends! Come up with your design ideas! Use your company logo, friendship motto, unique signs or anything else. We are sure that it will be your unique piece of art!

The car will be good to use already 15-20 min after you finish the drawing!

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