Riga Floating Sauna and a Hot Tub

Riga sauna and a hot tub can be one of the key factors for a great weekend in Riga for both, couples and groups of friends. There are so many ways you can enjoy the sauna at any season of the year. The perfect location next to the main river of Latvia with a view over Riga old town is only one of many advantages of the sauna.

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Price from: 25 € /PP

Price Includes:

  • Hotel pick up/drop off
  • Transportation
  • Floating sauna rent 3 hours
  • Hot tub rent 3 hours
  • 2 bottles of beer


  • 3.5 - 4 hours, including transfers

What will happen?

We will meet you at your hotel and take you to the place where the Riga floating sauna is located. At the time you arrive, the sauna and a hot tub will be ready, so you can hop into a hot tub or use the sauna straight away. The whole activity from the moment you arrive, until you leave, takes 3 hours. If you think that 3 hours won`t be enough, you can rent a sauna for a longer time (please let us know in advance to avoid a situation when Riga sauna and a hot tub is booked by some other group).

You can bring your food and drinks to the sauna or we can arrange the shopping and deliver everything for you. There is a mangal grill if you like to cook sausages, shashlik or chicken thighs. Let us know if you wish to make a bbq on site and we will deliver charcoals, flammable liquid, all necessary accessories and utensils.

What you need to know before visiting the Riga sauna and a hot tub

  • Please take towels and swimwear with you. Slippers/flip flops in summer are recommended but not mandatory. In winter it is necessary to take slippers/flip flops with you.
  • There is no shower on site. We recommend swimming in a river (in summer), dip into a river (in winter) and soak up with a towel, before leaving the sauna. There is a shared shower in the territory of a pier, located 100 meters from the Riga sauna. As there is only one shower, we do not advise it for the groups. It will be more convenient to take you to your hotel which is just a 10/15 min driving distance.
  • Riga floating sauna is built on pontoons and is docked, therefore it does not float anywhere.
  • Riga sauna and a hot tub can be booked all year round and is even more perfect in winter when the outside temperature is negative.
  • There is a radio at the sauna, but you can bring your portable speaker with you or rent one of the JBL speakers from us.

Remember that sauna is not only fun, but it is good for your health. It relieves stress, cleanses the skin, relaxes muscles and soothes aches/pains in both muscles and joints, thus helping you to recover faster.

FAQ: Riga Floating Sauna and a Hot Tub

  • What is the Sauna?

    Sauna is a room or a building which is made with the primary purpose to make a hot and dry or wet air, causing the sweating of a body. There are two types of saunas – dry saunas and wet or steam saunas. The main difference between both models is the temperature and humidity. In steam baths, heating takes place at 50-60 ° C with a relative humidity of 60-70%, but in dry saunas - at 70-110 ° C and between 5-25% humidity.
  • What is the Hot tub?

    The hot tub is used outdoors in the fresh air and, instead of hot air, you use 38-45 degrees of hot water to heat your body.
  • What do I need to take with me to the sauna?

    To Riga floating sauna, you need to take swimwear, flip flops and a towel. You can bring your drinks and food as there is also a BBQ set to cook food.
  • What are the benefits of taking a sauna?

    The main benefit of taking a sauna is improving the health condition. The sweating, caused by the sauna, removes toxins from one’s body and heat also serves as a muscle relaxant and muscle pain reliever. Still, we cannot deny that relaxing and having great with your friends would be less pleasant.
  • What are the benefits of taking a hot tub?

    The main benefit of taking hot tubing is an effective means of improving blood circulation, helping to cure rheumatic pain and various diseases of the nervous system. Besides, it is just a pleasant and exciting recreation.
  • When is the best time to take a sauna?

    One can`t distinguish the best time to take a sauna. The Riga floating sauna can be done at any time of the day and on any day of the year. To some, it might be a cold winter night when after the sauna you can dip into the river. To others, a sunny afternoon in summer when you chill with your friends and make a BBQ just next to the sauna.

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