Experience the acceleration of up to 4 G forces while enjoying one of the most extreme winter sports. It is time for the Bobsleigh in Riga.

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Price from: 55 € /PP

Price Includes:

  • Hotel pick up/drop off
  • Transportation
  • Instructions
  • Helmet
  • 2 or 3 rides on Bobsleigh


  • 2 - 3 hours, including transfers

What will happen?

It takes a 50 min drive from the Riga Old town to the Switzerland of Latvia. Yes, that is how the city of Sigulda is called unofficially. During the winter, activities like cross country skiing, downhill skiing, and snowboarding take place here. Still, without any doubts, Luge and Bobsleigh track is the main attraction. It is one of only 14 tracks used in the World Bobsleigh Championship and is among the longest tracks in Europe - 1420 meters (1550 yards). No prior bobsleigh, luge or skeleton experience is required. There are three different options to choose from. Soft Bob reaches speed over 70km/h (45 mi/h), Olympic Bob reaches speed over 100km/h (60 mi/h). Last three seasons we also offer Skeleton Bob for those who want to go down the track with the head first (ideally if you're going to record all ride). Afterwards, you will have a chance to visit the sightseeing platform for memorable photos. Then you will be taken back to either your hotel or a local pub in the old town of Riga.

Winter bobsleigh in summer season is not available, as an alternative, we can offer Summer Bobsleigh

Price: from 55 EUR per person (1 ride on Soft bob)
Price: from 85 EUR per person (2 rides on Soft bob)
Price: from 95 EUR per person (1 ride on Soft bob and 1 ride on Skeleton Bob)
Price: from 115 EUR per person (1 ride on Olympic bob)
Price: from 145 EUR per person (1 ride on Olympic bob and 1 ride on Soft bob)
Price: from 155 EUR per person (1 ride on Olympic bob and 1 ride on Skeleton Bob)

Price: from 185 EUR per person (1 ride on Olympic bob, 1 ride on Skeleton Bob and 1 ride on Soft bob)

Unfortunately, this adventure is not suitable for anyone with a bad back or pregnant women. Any medical conditions or disabilities must be indicated at the time of making a reservation as this activity requires significant physical preparedness.

Please note:
• There should be no alcohol consumed either before or during the experience.
• Price does not include insurance.

FAQ: Riga Bobsleigh

  • What is Bobsleigh?

    The bobsleigh is a winter sport in which teams (two or four people) go downhill on special sled bobsleigh tracks. The modern track must be 1200-1300 meters long with at least 15 bends.
  • How long are the bobsleigh tracks?

    The bobsleigh tracks vary from 1000 meters (Imst, Austria) up to 1814 meters (Sochi, Russia). Sigulda Luge and Bobsleigh track is 1200 meters long.
  • What speed can reach the bob?

    The bob in competitions can reach a speed of more than 120 km/h (75 mph). Olympic bob, which we offer for tourists in Sigulda, can reach a speed of up to 100 km/h.
  • How long time does it take to finish the ride?

    The average finish time of the ride depends on the lengths and difficulty of each track. In competitions (2 men bob) at the Sigulda track, it can take less than 50 seconds for the athletes to finish. Tourists with the Olympic Bob (4 men bob) reach the finish in between 46 and 50 seconds.
  • What types of bobs are available at the track?

    There are three types of bobs available at the track. One can choose between Olympic Bob, Skeleton Bob, and Soft Bob.
  • Who can do a bobsleigh run?

    To do an Olympic Bobsleigh run, a person must be at least 16 years old and in good health condition. If a person has had spine surgery in the past or has any problems with his back/neck, it is strongly advised not to do the Olympic Bobsleigh run. Anyone from the age of 6 can do Skeleton, and Soft Bobsleigh runs. Children between the ages of 6 until 14 must be accompanied by at least one of the parents.

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