Riga Beer Bike

Are you planning your holidays in Riga and thinking of what could be a fun activity for your group. A ride with the beer bike can be the right activity for you, as it combines many great features you might be looking for – centrally located, involves some physical activity, can be done by a whole group together, allows you to explore Riga while on the go and yes, includes beer. About each of these things we will discuss more in details further down in a text as well as give answers to all questions you might be having regards this activity.

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Price from: 25 € /PP

Price Includes:

  • Beer bike driver
  • Bike rent
  • 2 liters of beer
  • Option for Unlimited beer


  • 1 hour

What will happen?

As the Riga Beer bike is centrally located in the Old town of Riga, you shall not need the transfers if your accommodation is in Riga Old town or city centre. That means you save some money which usually would be spent on transfers. If you are staying outside of the city centre and need a transfer to the beer bike, please let us know and we will organize it for you.

Since the beer bike Riga is located in the Old town, you also don`t need to worry about what you will be doing next or before the activity as all the main sights of Old town will be around you as well as the Beer garden, pubs, restaurants, stores and activities. The advantage of the location is also that you save time, usually spent in a van driving back and forth around the town to approach any activity. From all activities offered by Red Fox Tours, the Riga beer bike has the best location.

The activity usually starts at every exact hour, for instance, at 10 am, 11 am, 12 noon, 1 pm, etc. If for any reasons you cannot start the beer bike ride at the exact hour, please let us know and we will try to provide this activity at a time you prefer. Please arrive 10 minutes before the booked time.

Book a ride with the beer bike and enjoy the beauty of the old town of Riga, do some sportive activity and have a few pints of beer.

Please note that you must be at least 18 years old to participate in this activity.

How many people can do a Riga beer bike at a time?

The beer bike offers a pleasant ride around Riga Old town for 6 to 14 people. Of course, as more people in your group, as easier it will be to pedal the bike. A larger group is also preferable in case if you know that there are some lazy chaps among your friends, who will be drinking beer while laughing at how others do the hard job or getting the whole group on a move. The minimum number for a beer bike Riga is 4 people but please note that it will be challenging to get the beer bike moving and the price will be higher.

If you are a large group of friends or work colleagues you can rent multiple beer bikes. We can offer four bikes so that groups of up to 55 people can do the activity at a time.

The bike ride and beer

The standard Riga beer bike tour includes 2 litres of beer per person. If some person during the tour consumes 1 litre of beer that means some others can drink up to 3 litres of beer. Please note that the beer is included only during the beer bike Riga ride. If each of you finishes just 1 litre of beer, you won`t get the second litre of beer as a takeaway.

If you feel that 2 litres of beer won`t be enough for each person in your group, for an extra 10 EUR/pp you can get Riga bottomless beer bike option which means that within 1 hour you can drink as much beer as you like.

If you feel that 1 hour of bike ride won`t be enough, you can add another hour. Please do that in advance to be sure that no other group has booked the bike after your first hour. 2 hours of bike rent costs 45 EUR/pp and gives automatically a bottomless beer bike option.

The Riga beer bike and music

There is a portable JBL speaker on each of the beer bikes, so you can easily connect with any of your Bluetooth devices to listen to music you prefer, so set up the song list of your party music or beer drinking songs and cruise down the streets of Riga.

Other beer bike options

If you do not like beer, we can replace it with cider, wine, sparkling wine or prosecco. If you swap Riga beer for cider, the price stays the same – 25 EUR/pp for 1-hour rent of a Riga Cider bike. For those who prefer wine, sparkling wine or prosecco – instead of 2 litres of beer or cider, the price includes 3 glasses of wine, sparkling wine or prosecco (~150ml each glass).

What you will see during the Riga beer bike ride

Riga beer bike ride cruises down the streets of Riga Old town, so you will see all the main sights of it, such as Riga Dome cathedral, Big and Small guild, St. Peters church, the house of the Blackheads, Riga town hall with the town hall square, Livu square, Cats house, etc.

When beer bike Riga is available?

Riga beer bike is available 7 days a week and almost all year round. You can still book beer bike in winter. The cold does not affect a beer bike ride, it is just the snow – if the streets of Riga are covered with a thick blanket of snow, you just won`t be able to move the bike and it will be more hustle than joy.

So book a beer bike Riga and get ready for a fantastic day! If you are on a Riga Stag Do, this is a great activity to be done if you want to be noticed by locals. You can imagine – loud music, cheerful laugh and a Stag in his special costume.

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