Riga Pub Crawl

A pub crawl (also known as bar tour or bar hopping) is activity in which a party of one or more visits a number of pubs usually located within a walking distance during one night. A pub crawl is an excellent way to get to know the Riga nightlife on your first night in town and it will give you an idea of which places are worth another visit on the following nights. All drinks are served in pubs/nightclubs and not on the street.

The goal of our Riga pub crawl is to allow you to discover the real nightlife of Riga littered with unique pubs, endless varieties of drinks and a fantastic atmosphere. Join us and we will take you to some of the greatest pubs in Riga that you would unlikely find on your own.

At which pub or club does the Riga Pub Crawl finish?

The tour visits a number of different bars, clubs and pubs in Riga, more specifically the areas of Doma Square, St. Peter's Church, Jacob's Barracks and Kalku Street. The route is subject to change on a daily basis and we cannot guarantee an inclusion of a specific route or pub, however, the crawl shall always finish at one of the local nightclubs in the old quarter of the town.

What time does the Pub crawl finish?

We plan to get you to the final nightclub at around 1 AM, since it is the best time to start clubbin'. Latest nightclubs stay open until 7 AM, so make sure you enjoy the thrilling Riga nightlife!

Price includes

• 3 Cool bars and a nightclub
• 4 Welcome shots / drinks
• Free nightclub entry
• Drink vouchers
• Pub/nightclub blacklist
• A list of Happy Hours
• Karaoke
• Live music bar
• Professional party guides
• Jump the queue
• A great night out in Riga

Addition information: In case a participant of the crawl becomes overly intoxicated or behaves aggressively, such person shall be excluded from taking part in the rest of the pub crawl and shall not be refunded. Dress code (no sports clothes) essential for the clubs. For pub crawl you must be over 18 years old, in order to make the most of the best pubs in Riga.

We want everyone to have an unforgettable night with us, but our mission is to show you the nightlife of Riga, NOT to get you drunk. Red Fox Tours accepts no liability for injury or damage to your person or property.

Start: 10 p.m.

Price: 20 EUR

Duration: If you`re strong and make it to the last stop, 3.5+ hours

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