4x4 Off Road Drive

Get behind the wheel and experience the fun, exhilaration and sheer adventure of 4x4 off road driving. A challenging rough terrain course will test your driving skills as you tackle steep climbs, drops and gullies.

4x4 off road drive. What will happen?

From all the things to do in Riga, this is by far the most exciting one for adrenaline seekers. You will be picked up from your hotel by jeeps and taken few km outside of Riga. After a briefing and an introduction to the vehicles and demonstration on the basic driving techniques, all the driving is down to you. The instructor will start you off with a few manoeuvres to build up your confidence and improve your vehicle handling before gradually increasing the tempo and soon you'll be driving on our most challenging areas.
This off road driving experience is a true 4x4 adventure session, providing a great introduction to the world of 4x4 off road driving, with the added bonus of seeing some beautiful countryside which would be very difficult without the aid of a 4x4.

This tour will be individual just for your group, to ensure you get the most from your day!

Price: from 80 EUR per person

Price includes: transportation, introduction and briefing, experience training from a qualified instructor and one of four different programms (contact us to get more detailed information), hotel pick-up and drop off.

Duration: 3-3.5 hours, including transfer

• You must be physically fit and able to drive an unmodified manual car.
• You must hold a full, valid UK or European driving licence and must be able to drive with manual transmission, in order for the off road driving experience to be at hand.
• Unfortunately, this adventure is not suitable for anyone with bad back or for pregnant women, any medical conditions or disabilities must indicated at the time of the book as this activity requires significant phsyical preparedness.
• Please note: there should be no alcohol consumed either before or during the experience.

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